The Office Group – Broker and Agent Referral and Payment Program


Fees Due:

Office/Studio Office 1 year licence agreement.

Fees due will be calculated at 10% of the initial rental for an Office for the first 12 months of the licence agreement

Promotional offers may be offered from time to time.


Office/Studio Office 2 year licence agreement.

Fees due to be calculated at 10% of the initial rental for an Office for the first 12 months of the licence agreement and 5% of the initial rental for an Office for the second 12 months of the licence agreement.

Promotional offers may be offered from time to time.


Virtual Office, Lounge and Co-Working Memberships

Fees due will be equal to one month’s membership fee of any Virtual Office, Lounge and Co-Working Membership.

NB – the client must remain with us for a period of at least 3 months.

NB – if the client takes an Office or Co-Working studio at any point, without leaving TOG e.g. continuous tenancy, then 10% will be paid on the initial rental for the first 12 months of the agreement term.


Meeting and Event Spaces

External Meeting, Event and Conference Room fees will be calculated at 10% for the specific room/space hire.  Fees apply to room hire only and not any additional sundries such as food and AV equipment hire.

Promotional offers may be offered from time to time.



Should any office expansions occur within the initial 12 months from the agreement commencement date, fees will be paid at the initial rate up to 12 months from the start date.


Break Clauses:

When an initial agreement has a break-clause written into the agreement, fees will only be paid to the break.  Should the break subsequently not be exercised, fees will be paid at the initial rate up to 24 months from the commencement date of the initial contracted agreement. If the initial agreement was for up to 12 months only then the fee will be paid up until 12 months.



Should the client for any reason vacate during the term in which a fee has been paid The Office Group may request a credit which deducts the amount due by the default against a future payment.


Payment Terms:

The Office Group will pay fees due within 30 days of receipt of invoice.  The Office Group will notify the broker/agent of fees due once The Office Group has received a signed licence agreement and full payment of the client’s deposit.  If The Office Group does not receive an invoice within 60 days past the commencement date any fees due shall be forfeited. 

Registering Opportunities:

Please refer all prospect to the Central Sales Desk (CSD) via the email address,uk.  All enquiries received shall be logged directly into The Office Group CRM system in order to be eligible for commission.

Acceptance and Rejections:

Upon receipt of an enquiry the referrer shall receive:

  1. Acceptance pending completed viewing.

The Office Group and the initial referral agent have the opportunity to arrange a viewing for the client.

  1. Should a secondary referral agent refer the same opportunity without a scheduled viewing they will receive a rejection with overturn as there has yet to be a completed viewing.
  2. However should a secondary referring agent successfully arrange a viewing that completes, the referring agent shall receive a full acceptance and the primary introducer will receive a full rejection.
  • Should a viewing be booked and completed, this opportunity should be considered a full acceptance and any additional referring agents would then receive a full rejection.
  1. A rejection with overturn, as there has yet to be a completed viewing.
  2. A full rejection.

A full rejection shall be sent when:

  1. The client has been directly in contact with The Office Group prior to a broker/agent introduction. The Office Group will NOT overturn opportunities that have been received directly.  Any decisions to overturn a direct introduction shall be made solely the Sales Manager or Team Leader
  2. The client has already viewed from the point of the new introduction and is an active opportunity/requirement.
  • The client is already a member of The Office Group.
  1. Has been a member of TOG within the last 3 months/60 days


Regardless of which referrer first sends an introduction to The Office Group the introduction will be assigned to the referrer who arranges a completed viewing. Should this viewing result in a sale, the referrer who arranges the completed viewing shall be credited with the referral fee. In the event that we, The Office Group, arrange a viewing, and not the referring agency, then the referrer that first sent the introduction will be credited with the fee.

Duplicate Viewings

Should the rare circumstance arise whereby the client has instructed multiple agents/brokers to arrange viewings on their behalf, The Office Group shall accept the first viewing scheduled.  Should any subsequent party wish to schedule a viewing we will not accept another viewing for that given client.  If however, the client does not attend the viewing or cancels either before or after the date booked in the 24 hour rule applies.  Please note – if the client fails to attend the first viewing, additional viewings are not permitted to be scheduled until the subsequent working day.

Should any disputes arise all decisions will be at the discretion of the Head of Sales and or the Sales Manager.  Any decisions will be considered final.

Lapsed Leads

Should the circumstance arise whereby The Office Group close an enquiry and the subsequent party wishes to have this enquiry remain open we may offer a conditional acceptance. If the client viewed with The Office Group under said party over 6 months previously, we will then accept this viewing with overturn potential to other parties.


We endeavour to notify the referring agent of any acceptances or rejections within 1 working day of receipt of the referral.

Referring opportunities to The Office Group indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions.  We reserve the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time without any prior notice.

Confidential leads – The company’s name must be provided upon arranging a viewing in order to secure a fee should the client take space

If not attending a viewing with a client, The Office Group will require name, contact email and phone number for the person attending we reserve the right to refuse a viewing if this information is with held