Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made in accordance with the reporting requirement outlined in Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. It sets out the steps that The Office Group (“TOG”) has taken and will be taking to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its business, supply chain and customer base.


About TOG

TOG is home to one of the most creative, exciting and forward-thinking working communities in the UK.

TOG pioneered the concept of the shared workspace in the United Kingdom. The company launched in 2003, when the global economy was being reshaped by new technology and ideas. TOG’s aim was to reconfigure the modern British workplace to bring it into line with this fast-changing world and its changing requirements.

TOG’s vision is to create beautifully designed buildings with a wide variety of spaces, and to offer tenants progressive membership schemes and short-term leases to allow for growth and change. Each TOG building has its own unique identity, but all have an excellent range of facilities and vibrant communal areas to foster an open, collaborative working culture.

Today, TOG has over 12,000 members working across 33 buildings, with more on the way both in the UK and in new markets. TOG houses one of the fastest growing and most diverse workforces in the country: app creators and advertising agencies; makers and media companies, financiers and foodies; artists and architects; and a smorgasbord of start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.



TOG believes that human rights are an absolute and universal standard.  The company is opposed to all forms of slavery, human trafficking, forced labour or child labour and will not do business with any organisation that it believes is involved in these activities.

The company’s human rights policy includes a specific commitment to adhere to the provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article Four of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifically prohibits slavery and the slave trade in all their forms.


Supply chain

TOG’s extensive supply chain consists of businesses involved in the supply of services, equipment and furniture. TOG will be conducting regular dialogue with its suppliers and contractors. It will use this interaction to encourage them to demonstrate responsible behaviour and standards of business conduct as a natural element of their day-to-day activities.



TOG will not provide services to businesses that are conducting activities that are associated with slavery, human trafficking, forced labour or child labour. TOG will immediately discontinue the provision of services to customers it discovers is involved in or supports any of these activities.


Risk and response

TOG considers that the risk of slavery, human trafficking or child labour taking place within its business, its supply chain and customer base is low. It has never received any allegation of the same but will act immediately in the event of becoming aware that any such activity is taking place.


Future plans

TOG recognises its responsibility to ensure that its policies and systems exclude slavery, human trafficking, forced labour and child labour from the business on an ongoing basis. The company is planning to review its procedures, including staff training, to ensure that these issues will be continuously addressed in line with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and good business practice.



The directors and senior management of TOG are ultimately responsible for;

  • Implementing this statement;
  • Providing adequate resources and investment to minimise the risk of human slavery and trafficking taking place within the business, its supply chain or its customer base;
  • Ensuring that the company’s approach is regularly reviewed;
  • Ensuring that the commitments outlined in this statement are adhered to.


Review, publication and feedback

This statement will be reviewed and published annually. TOG welcomes feedback from its stakeholders concerning this statement. This can be submitted to us by applying the contact details on the Group’s website (



This statement is approved by the Board of Directors of The Office Group.