Office attire needs to earn its stripes these days, so we asked some sartorially savvy TOG members to step out in style at The Stanley Building. Let the show begin...

Photography: Bella Howard

Stylist: Rosie Boydell
Hair and Make-up : Anna Payne
Photographer’s Assistant : Unknown

Shirt by H&M, jeans by Nudie

Oli Newcombe
product owner at 10x Future Technologies,
The Stanley Building

“I usually go for stuff that’s a bit more edgy than what they sell in the average high-street shop. You’ll often find me in a stripy top by Norse Projects – I live in East London so I kind of have to have a stripy sailor top. The best-dressed man I know is the German guy who cuts my hair. He’s effortlessly cool.”

Shirt by H&M, jeans by Nudie
Julie Larsson, 
 <br/>assistant business manager at Albert House

Julie Larsson,
assistant business manager at Albert House

“I’m from Denmark so my style is very Scandi-influenced. In Denmark we like straight lines, clean outfits – definitely no patterns. Nothing beats my tracksuit pants, but my Levi’s come close. The quality is insane, just how they fit and how they sit. They’re the Harley-Davidson of jeans.”

Julie wears hat by Topshop, t-shirt by H&M, trousers by Massimo Dutti
Lewis Davies (far left) and Ravi Champaneria (left), development consultants 
 <br/>at Percolate, who work at Henry Wood House

Lewis Davies (far left) and Ravi Champaneria (left), development consultants
at Percolate, who work at Henry Wood House

L: “My style is loud, colourful and oversized. In the summer I like to let loose: think Tony Montana in Scarface – Cuban shirts with an open chest.” R: “I tend to dress like an old man – block colours, fairly standard outfits – but I have lots of T-shirts from hotels and other weird places. My favourite is one I picked up on Route 66. It says: ‘Road Kill Cafe – You Kill It, We Grill It’.”

Lewis wears coat by Reiss, shirt by Topman, jeans by COS and Reebok trainers Ravi wears jacket by Shore Leave, sweater by Stay French, shirt by Portuguese, jeans by Diesel and Adidas trainers
Laura Gabarro, 
 <br/>senior consultant at Align Strategy, The Gridiron Building

Laura Gabarro, 
senior consultant at Align Strategy, The Gridiron Building

“I dress colourfully because it’s so easy to just wear grey and black in London. I take inspiration from Iris Apfel; she wears tons of different things at the same time and makes it look fantastic. I love the way my mother dresses – very rocky, very cool. And I love everything by the Spanish brand Delpozo.”

Laura wears dress by COS, shirt by Benetton, jacket by H&M
Gary Knight, founder 
 <br/>of Flippin’Eck Ltd, 
 <br/>Albert House

Gary Knight, founder
of Flippin’Eck Ltd,
Albert House

“My fetishes are shirts, shoes and rings. I’ve got about 100 rings. If money were no object, I’d have a pair of boots hand-made by Jeffery-West. They’d be red, with a fiery explosion on them, and I’d have some of my favourite rings embedded on the outside.”

Gary wears jacket by Finisterre, t-shirt by Superdry, rings by Crazy Pig Designs
Sean Fox, 
 <br/>chief design officer at Fortrus, 
 <br/>The Stanley Building

Sean Fox,
chief design officer at Fortrus,
The Stanley Building

“My style is stripped back: no big brands, no big logos, Nordic influences, clean-cut edges. Simple. I used to say Brandon Flowers was my style icon but that was when I was younger and more flamboyant – now I’m more understated, maybe James Dean. I recently watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and loved a coat one of the characters wore. I subsequently bought one.”

Sean wears jumper from H&M, jeans from ASOS
Alexandra Isabella Lunn,
 <br/>founder of Alexandra Lunn Studio,
 <br/>The White Collar Factory

Alexandra Isabella Lunn,
founder of Alexandra Lunn Studio,
The White Collar Factory

“I’m wearing a dress that my grandmother made in the 1970s. She was a Polish refugee who escaped the Nazis in WWII and learned to sew when she made it to Liverpool. My style is usually pretty minimal and neutral – not like this – but when I’m not being formal I do love sparkly things with lots of colour. I love Grace Jones’ and David Bowie’s style, and pretty much anything by Armani.”

Alexandra wears home-made dress