Ihunna and Kem Eberendu of 2ndWindPro

What’s it really like for two people to work together, day in, day out? We quizzed the brother and sister team behind marketing consultancy 2ndWindPro about the highs and lows of working with your siblings

Illustration: Jordan Andrew Carter

Ihunna and Kem Eberendu of 2ndWindPro

Brother and sister Kem and Ihunna Eberendu went into business together a few months ago. Kem, a branding and licensing whizz, and Ihunna, whose background is in marketing and communications, have also enlisted their brother Paul, a salesman. The family company, 2ndWindPro, specialises in social media marketing, lead generation, branding, licensing, copywriting and direct marketing for small businesses, and already employs five salespeople across two TOG sites, 24 Greville Street and Kirby Street.


What’s it like to work with Kem?

Because we’re closest in age, we do bicker, but it soon gets squashed. So we’ll have a heated argument and then we’ll just go for lunch. I can be myself and get my point across and not have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

What’s the biggest positive?

We both know each other’s personalities.

Biggest negative?

We both know each other’s personalities. We know how to wind each other up. We would never fight or swear but it does get quite loud. And because I’m the oldest, I always think he has to listen to me.

What’s the key to a successful collaboration?

You have to have different skills. He’s really good with ideas, I’m better at the organising and logistics. He’ll come up with something I’d never have thought of, and vice versa. It’s a nice balance.

How are you most different?

I’m probably a bit more fiery.

How are you most similar?

We’re both creative, and we both like to think outside the box.

What’s the biggest lesson Kem has taught you?

Not to overthink things. Sometimes I forget I’m not the customer, and I impose my ideas on a situation. He’s taught me to take myself out of the equation.

Who’s ultimately the boss?

Me. I’m in charge of all of the admin. In terms of what he does, he has the final say. What’s Kem’s biggest achievement? He did the first ever fashion collaboration with the National Gallery. He got a luxury leather jacket company on board and they used prints from the National Gallery. That’ll be out next year.

What’s his working style?

Kem is great at talking to people. His major skill is making you want to buy what he’s talking about.


What’s Ihunna like to work with?

She’s easy to work with, generally. She works hard but because of that, she likes to be heard. It’s easy to have disagreements with your siblings but we don’t row. In any other office environment a disagreement creates unusual tension, whereas tension’s not unusual with us. We’ve been there before.

What’s the biggest positive?

It’s always so easy to get hold of everybody. There’s never any issue with that. Biggest negative? It’s always so easy to hold of everybody. There’s no hiding. And obviously work never stops – any conversation always turns to work. It’s not necessarily a negative as far as I’m concerned but it could be for others.

What’s the key to a successful collaboration?

Teamwork – being a good listener and knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

How are you most similar?

We both stand out in a crowd. She likes that. I don’t so much.

How are you most different?

I’m a lot more laid-back. I’m also more of an introvert – I like to be behind the scenes.

What’s the biggest lesson Ihunna has taught you?

Not to rush things.

Who’s ultimately the boss?

I’d say me. I’m usually the one directing the projects because I’m a project manager by trade.

What’s Ihunna’s biggest achievement?

She’s got quite a few – a lot of different things. Probably being involved with the Daisy Lowe, Diet Coke and Jean Paul Gaultier campaign.

What’s her working style?

She’s a good communicator; a thorough emailer. Her emails are detailed.