Say it like you mean it

Communication makes the world go round... so get it right

Say it like you mean it

Do you know how to say sorry so people actually believe you? Can you negotiate and get what you want without leaving the other side feeling like they lost? Do you know how to ask good questions (clue, that wasn’t one)? The answers to all of these teasers are in a new compendium, The Communication Book, 50 Ideas for Better Conversations Every Day, by best-selling authors Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler.

So what made them write about communication? “Communication is a bit like love,” they say in the introduction. “It’s what makes the world go round, but nobody really knows how it works.” So, with the aid of illustrations, the authors aim to break down every scenario and offer up ways to make yourself understood – from how to make a lecture interesting (make it like a fairy tale) to Freud’s theory of Transactional Analysis (are you arguing like a child or a grown up?) via something called the Proust Questionnaire. You’ll never be stuck for conversation again.

The Communication Book (Portfolio Penguin, £8.99) is out in March