Avon calling

Bristol’s growing reputation as a foodie destination is great news for its TOG community. Till Scherer, MD at ECE Westworks in St Nicholas House, gives us an insider’s guide to the best places

Avon calling

Street food: Matina

A Middle Eastern fast-food stall in St Nicholas Market, just next door. They make these amazing wraps: chicken, lamb, halloumi and roasted veg. It’s quick, easy, fabulously messy food. Everything starts to slow down and pump
in your veins afterwards... Mon-Sat: Wraps from £6;

Smokehouse barbecue: Grillstock

This is the other side the market, but it’s like travelling from the Middle East all the way to the USA. It serves all-American burgers, but with brisket — meaty, cheesy, slow- grilled, heart-attack stu . They ask if you want “burnt ends” (crunchy cubes from the end of the joint) and the answer is always yes. Mon-Sat: 11.30am-11pm; Sun: 11.30am-10pm. Mains from £6.50;

Craft beer: The Strawberry Thief

A drinks venue set in an old Georgian shop that feels like someone’s living room. They have a huge selection of Belgian beers, and it’s a civilised place to sit and have a conversation — even if the conversation usually turns to beer! Tue-Thur: 4pm-11pm; Fri: 4pm- midnight; Sat: 2pm-midnight. Beers from £6;

Fine dining: The Ox

Hidden under a Wetherspoons, but it feels like an American cigar lounge. It serves seasonal British food, but there’s a strong US feel. It’s relaxed, friendly, perfect for clients. They serve the best steak, though you pay for that privilege. You can easily part with a couple of hundred quid if you go to town with two people. What’s the menu like? I don’t know, I always have the steak! Mon-Fri: noon-2.30pm; Sat: 5pm-10.30pm; Sun: noon-4pm. Mains from £14,

Cocktails: The Milk Thistle

A secret bar with a Prohibition theme. You knock and if they deem you suitable, they’ll open the door and quickly shut it behind you. They have an incredible menu of old-school cocktails. I start with an Old Fashioned — though there’s only so many you can have before you’re crawling out the door... Mon-Thur: 5pm-1am; Fri: 5pm-3am; Sat: 6pm-3am. Cocktails from £8.50;

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