From the outside, 91 Wimpole Street is a grand, baroque building in the heart of Marylebone, but inside it’s sleek, bright and modern

Photography: Dunja Opalko

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Fashion Special
TOGS "My style is pretty androgynous. Usually, I just wear men’s clothes – that’s what I like about the way Ellen Page [Juno] dresses. My favourite item is a flowery shirt from Topman; it’s something a little bit different for me because usually I just wear T-shirts." Read more


Let’s look at what we can get up to outside office hours — to boost your body and stoke your soul. From the new niche-dating sites to workplace work-outs and the sizzling new smokehouse restaurants, here are the best ways to go off-grid

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Painter Robert Fry

In each issue of &Co., we chat to an artist about creativity and collaboration. Here, painter Robert Fry talks about the human condition, creative blocks and the Pink Floyd track that inspires him

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Back to nature

It’s long been a magnet for backpackers and hippies, but with the growth of co-working set-ups, Bali is attracting a new generation of professionals keen to reset their work-life balance

Words: Matt Munday
Photography: Getty

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Break out of the echo chamber

Whether it’s our career or our personal life, we all rely on family and close friends for support and advice – but that stranger sitting next to you might just be the one who holds the key to really changing your life for the better

Words: Kerry Potter
Photography: Danier Stier

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TOG 100

All those who have ever woken with a start while “working” in a coffee shop will know just how vital having your own office space is in fast-tracking your business. Which is why The Office Group’s TOG 100 initiative is so important – and why the people smiling back at you on the right are so happy. TOG 100 is a competition that will offer 12 months’ free co-working space for 100 start-ups, run by young entrepreneurs, over the course of the next three years.

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