UBEEQO Breakfast

HENRY WOOD HOUSE 2 Riding House Street W1W 7FA

Ubeeqo will be hosting a series of breakfasts to introduce their app for business. You can go and learn about how you can save time and money on your daily business travel over some free croissants and coffee.

Ubeeqo’s app for business allows you to easily book taxis, and rent cars (by the hour or by the day) at discounted prices paid for on just one monthly invoice. Ubeeqo has placed designated cars near TOG offices mentioned below, allowing you to easily drive to meeting, move things for your business and travel around London. All TOG members will receive a free Ubeeqo business membership.

December 6th
2 Angel Square
9am- 10am

December 7th
Henry wood House
9am- 10am

December 8th
7 Stratford place
9am- 10am

RSVP: henrik.jensen@ubeeqo.com

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