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Scale up – An evening with Praveen Vijh

4th May 2018

Scale up – An evening with Praveen Vijh

  • Scale up

    An evening with Praveen Vijh

    00.30.09 Hrs

TOG and Enterprise Nation have teamed up to provide a series of talks on scaling your business. The first talk features Eat Natural’s co-founder (and..ahem TOG member), Praveen Vijh sits down with Enterprise Nation’s founder, Emma Jones to talk about the Eat Natural journey – With no knowledge of manufacturing or cooking, Praveen Vijh made a bold move with co-founder Preet Gawal in 1997 to set-up what is today one of the UK’s most successful health food companies. Today their bars and cereals are sold in all major UK supermarkets and the brand exports globally into key markets including the Netherlands and Scandinavia. They employ near on 300 artisans to create their healthy delights.