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Meet the Neighbours: Patricia Bacon Consulting

22nd November 2017

Patricia Bacon Consulting work with SMEs and Start Up businesses, with a focus on helping them to grow by establishing the right processes and culture. They’ve found a niche working with Couplepreneur businesses – a growing sector which brings to light additional challenges and opportunities of partners working together. They work with Company owners to ensure they are working ‘on’ the business as well as ‘in’ it, and help them develop their mid- and long-term strategies. This also means establishing the right senior team to be able to build the business – surrounding themselves by people who are better than them in at every stage of their growth. They build the ‘Sales Engine’ and ensure that it is at the heart of the business – both pre- and post-sale. They challenge how businesses can get more from their clients and develop deeper relationships post sales that can really grow the bottom line. In amongst all of this they work with clients on the business’ culture that is key to attract and retain the right people and nurture and develop them. After all people grow businesses, businesses don’t grow by themselves.