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The Future of – Big Data

5th July 2017

The Future of Big Data

  • The Future of

    Big Data

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Is Big Data an all-knowing oracle, an evil Big Brother, or the fuel for the next industrial revolution? Its advocates claim it knows us better than we know ourselves but what do we know about it? In this illuminating and thought-provoking talk, Timandra Harkness argues that it’s time we understood Big Data better.

Timandra Harkness is a science writer, broadcaster and comedian, who has been writing and performing on scientific, mathematical and statistical topics since the latter days of the 20th Century. Her book BIG DATA: DOES SIZE MATTER? was published by Bloomsbury in 2016. Timandra is a regular on BBC Radio 4, writing and presenting BBC Radio 4’sFutureProofing series and documentaries such as Data, Data Everywhere, and Personality Politics. She’s also resident reporter on the social psychology series The Human Zoo.