Avon calling 22 Jan 2017


Bristol’s growing reputation as a foodie destination is great news for its TOG community. Till Scherer, MD at ECE Westworks in St Nicholas House, gives us an insider’s guide to the best places

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Ordinary hero 19 Jan 2017


A sculpture of a young black man holding a smartphone is set to be part of London’s history. And it will have pride of place beside the new White Collar Factory

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into one

The Stanley Building is like nothing else — a 19th-century listed property with a modern structure “wrapped” around it

Photography: Kate Berry

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Fashion Special
TOGS “My style is quite Scandi, but at the moment I love mixing street wear with voluminous French pieces. I live in Acne Studios, Our Legacy, Palace and Lemaire. I rotate my glasses between this transparent Lunors pair and some bright blue specs for impact.” Read more


Let’s look at what we can get up to outside office hours — to boost your body and stoke your soul. From the new niche-dating sites to workplace work-outs and the sizzling new smokehouse restaurants, here are the best ways to go off-grid

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TOG and the SAS

A crack team from TOG signs up for extreme corporate bonding on an SAS training scheme for office softies

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Rave New World

It’s the quintessential party island, but Ibiza now has the technology to welcome a legion of co-workers seeking a better work-life balance. Meet three members of the burgeoning scene who are giving a whole new meaning to the term “hot desking”

Words: Matt Munday
Photography: Ana Lui

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The gig economy

Two brothers had a simple plan: to set up a “dating site” matching local venues with local artists. The results blew them away — so far, 3,000 gigs have been arranged through their site. And now the Albert House tenants could be going global...

Words: Matt Munday
Photography: Rosaline Shahnavaz

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Eternal sunshine
of the
freelance mind

More workers in Britain are suffering from stress than ever before. And while flexible entrepreneurship can be a charmed life, it comes with its own pressures. How can you be your own boss and still maintain your wellbeing?

Words: Kerry Potter
Photography: Danier Stier

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