About Us

About Us

TOG is home to one of the most creative, exciting and forward-thinking working communities in the UK.

We pioneered the concept of the shared workspace in Britain. TOG launched in 2003, when the global economy was beginning to be radically reshaped by new technology and new ideas. Our aim was to reconfigure the modern British workplace to bring it into line with a fast-changing world.

When we founded the company our vision was this: to create beautifully designed buildings with a wide variety of spaces, and to offer tenants progressive membership schemes and short-term leases to allow for growth and change. Each building has its own unique identity, but all have an excellent range of facilities and vibrant communal areas to foster an open, collaborative working culture.

Today, TOG has 15,000 members working across 29 buildings, 27 of which are in London, with more on the way. We house one of the fastest growing and most diverse workforces in Britain: app creators and advertising agencies; makers and media companies, financiers and foodies; artists and architects; and a smorgasbord of startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Whatever your goals, you can achieve them here — and you can find collaborators to help you.

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The Community Team

We love it when our members work together. The Communiteam works across all buildings to ensure TOG members are as connected as they want to be. Get in touch by emailing communiteam@theofficegroup.co.uk

The main cog of the communiwheel. She loves meeting new people, finding out what your company does and connecting people. She’s a happy Canadian who takes way too long to settle on an Instagram caption. Alessa McNally Community Manager
Gemma crochets for fun and is the planet’s biggest fan. She volunteered in Greece to help the Refugees, is a Love Pixie for LoveSpecs at Festivals and may very well save the world one day. She’s excitable and passionate about everything. Gemma Simmons Community Manager East, South & the City
Probably the happiest person we’ve ever met.  No one calls KP Katie – she has many a nickname, but none of them are Katie. Oozing enthusiasm for almost everything, including holidays, friends and fun. Katie Purchase Community Manager Central & North
Amnita is always smiling. She likes make-up, sarcasm, Hip Hop, comics and travelling. Previous triumphs include two archaeological digs, winning a boxing match and singing Sealed with a Kiss in front her whole primary school. Amnita Grewal Community Manager West
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Sustainability is important for the environment, for our Members and for us. We do what we can on sustainability within the constraints of each building. It’s not just about a recycle bin in reception (although we do have them...); sustainability is a key part of the design process for each building, from the lighting to the loos. Each building is different but we try to include as many innovations and creative ideas within our designs to inspire green behaviour from our staff and members, helping everyone to do their bit for a clean, green future.

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